Holiday booking firm Hoo reveals the cheapest countries for five-star hotel stays

Indonesia, Vietnam and Poland offer the most affordable luxury stays

Once international travel recommences, adventurous jetsetters across the globe are looking to celebrate by splurging on a holiday and splashing just a little bit more cash than they normally would, from upgrading from a double room to a suite, or economy to business class.

If you want to get in on the imminent boom in luxury travel but don't want to deplete your savings account, research by hotel booking service Hoo has revealed which countries offer the best hotels at the most affordable prices by analysing the nightly room cost of five-star hotels across 32 top travel destinations.

According to Hoo, the most affordable destination for luxury accommodation is currently Indonesia, where the average stay in a five-star hotel comes in at just £140 per night, followed by Vietnam and Poland, both on £148 per night.

At £150 per night, the UAE also ranks high as one of most affordable destinations when looking to stay in five-star hotel luxury. 

India (£180), Chile (£198), China (£202), Croatia (£206), Brazil (£213), Australia (£226), Turkey (£234), Germany (£240), Portugal (£248), Saudi Arabia (£257) and Israel (£259) also rank as some of the best destinations for travellers looking to live in luxury without breaking the bank.

There's bad news for those with their eye on a staycation once lockdown 3.0 is up though; the average cost of a five-star hotel in the UK comes in at a hefty £798 per night.

With hotels coming in £836 per night, only Switzerland is home to a higher average cost, with Japan (£795), Austria (£664) and Italy (£610) also amongst the most expensive. 

Hoo co-founder, Adrian Murdock, said of the brand's findings: "Five-star accommodation can differ dramatically in price depending on your destination of choice. However, it’s also important to remember that the classification of a five-star hotel can also differ from one country to the next –  the standard of top hotels can even be different within the same city.

"Research is key to ensure you find the right place for your stay and reviews can be invaluable when gaining insight into a particular hotel," he added. "To get the very best price for a room, go direct to the hotel to start with. Once they’ve quoted you, don’t be afraid to throw up a counter offer. Push for a cheaper rate, or for upgrades such as a better room or free breakfast, half or full board.

"By going direct you also cut out the middle man and as they aren’t paying a hefty fee to platforms such as to sell their rooms, they are often happy to pass some of this saving on to you as the consumer.”

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