HOFA celebrates International Women's Day with all-female exhibition and NFT launch

By Tempus | 08 Mar 2022 | Culture

The iconic gallery is going all out for IWD this year, showcasing extraordinary works from extraordinary women the world over

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* Artwork by Loribelle Spirovski

The iconic House of Fine Art (HOFA) Gallery is commemorating International Women's Day with a double-bill of events, including an exclusively female group exhibition titled ‘The Divine’, as well as an NFT launch on HOFA.io.

The Divine will launch not only to mark International Women's Day, but also the start of Women’s History Month, and will run for two weeks until 22 March 2022 and is open to the public daily. 

The exhibition features twelve international women artists from twelve different countries, and aims to bring a stronger focus to the lack of female artist representation within a contemporary gallery setting and celebrate historical contributions by female artists to the art industry. 

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* Artwork: Our Own Reality by Lucile Gauvain, 2020

The twelve female participating artists are; Ilhwa Kim (South Korean), Mary Roynane (Ireland), Loribelle Spirovski (Australia), Katya Zvereva (Russia), Laura Limbourg (Belgium), Romina Ressia (Argentina), Camille Hannah (Australia),  Lucile Gauvain (France),  Lise Stoufflet (France), Emmanuelle Rybojad (France), Wang Ziling (China) and Susana Anaya (Mexico). 

HOFA co-founder and curator Simonida Pavicevic said of the exhibition: “To understand why female artists remain underrepresented in major exhibitions, we must look to history. Scholars argue whether art historians should completely eradicate the Old Masters' idea to pave the way for more research into female artists from the same time. Is there enough female representation to establish current artists in the future art historical canon? Most would say the answer is still no.”

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* Artwork: Untitled by Katy Zvereva, 2020

At the same time, HOFA is launching Athenaeum, an NFT exhibition presenting a variety of unique NFTs by some of the most innovative female digital artists within the NFT and Crypto Art space; a largely male-dominated sphere. 

The exhibition is named for the sacred space historically dedicated to the worship of the female deity Athena, goddess of Wisdom and Art in Ancient Greece. However, the word was adopted to denote the names of libraries and institutions that were founded in the 19th Century for the learning and sharing of knowledge on science, art and literature, which were originally conceived as male-only private clubs.

HOFA points out that according to Bloomberg, female artists accounted for just 5% of all sales since early 2020, and the gallery has "always strived to promote the work of female artists equally, with Athenaeum representing another important moment and opportunity to uphold the vital contributions of women within the art world and more specifically within the rapidly-developing NFTs space".

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* Artwork: Oni by Dead Seagull