Haute horology specialists Baker Brothers on the importance of regular watch servicing

Regular servicing is the secret to the longevity of any watch. Here, Baker Brothers tell us why that is the case

Baker BrothersIn the world of horology, where every tick represents precision and craftsmanship, the significance of regular watch servicing cannot be overstated. From iconic Swiss timepieces to independent creations, servicing your watch is more than just maintenance, it’s a commitment to preserving its integrity, accuracy and longevity. 

For enthusiasts and collectors alike, a timepiece represents more than a mere accessory; it embodies history, innovation, and the ingenuity of human endeavour. Take, for instance, the distinguished craftsmanship exemplified by brands such as Tudor, TAG Heuer and Longines world renowned names in luxury horology. Their timepieces not only symbolise opulence but also exemplify the intricate mechanics that propel the hands forward, marking the passage of time with unparalleled precision. 

So, why is servicing your watch so crucial?Baker BrothersWhile watches may seem small in the grand scheme of things, they are marvels of engineering, often comprising over 220 intricate parts. The movements within them experience approximately 250 million impulses per year from the escapement alone. This perpetual activity inevitably leads to friction and wear, highlighting the considerable effort your watch expends for you. Regular servicing is essential to ensure these intricate mechanisms remain in optimal condition.

Treat your watch like a cherished friend, ensuring every part works in harmony. Servicing not only prevents damage but also extends its lifespan, allowing you to enjoy its precision for years to come.

During your appointment with a Baker Brothers repair specialist, we will inspect your watch together and discuss any concerns you may have. Through this, we can guide you as to what to expect from your service, including any potential costs and return time expectations. When you are happy, we book your precious timepiece into our repair system and ready it for servicing.Baker BrothersMany people are curious about the inner workings of a watch service. Essentially, this meticulous process involves several intricate steps to ensure your timepiece operates flawlessly. 

A watch service commences with the careful disassembly of the timepiece, allowing skilled technicians to meticulously clean and inspect each component. This thorough examination helps identify any signs of wear or damage that may compromise the watch’s functionality.

Once inspected any damaged or worn components will be replaced and the movement is meticulously lubricated, ensuring smooth operation and longevity. Precision is paramount as a watchmaker will adjust the timing and calibration to guarantee accurate timekeeping, a hallmark of every well-serviced watch. At Baker Brothers, if additional work is recommended to uphold your watch’s pristine condition, we provide transparent communication and guidance. Your trust is invaluable to us, and we ensure you’re fully informed before proceeding with any additional services.

Once you are happy, we will proceed with the swift replacement of these components along with all the other necessary adjustments and replacements so your watch can be expertly reassembled with the utmost care and attention to detail.Regularly servicing your watch not only ensures its optimal performance but can also lead to significant monetary savings over time. While the initial cost of servicing may seem like an investment, it’s a wise one that can prevent more substantial expenses in the future. 

By addressing minor issues during routine maintenance, you can avoid the need for costly repairs or replacements down the line. Additionally, a well-maintained watch is less prone to sudden failures or breakdowns, reducing the likelihood of unexpected expenses. Ultimately, investing in regular servicing not only preserves the longevity of your timepiece but also safeguards your finances in the long run.In a world where time waits for no one, the reliability of a well-serviced watch becomes invaluable. From the intricate complications of a chronograph to the timeless elegance of a classic dress watch, each timepiece weaves a narrative that transcends the constraints of time and space, linking past, present, and future in a seamless continuum.

The significance of servicing your watch extends beyond mere maintenance; it’s a tribute to craftsmanship, heritage, and the enduring legacy of horology. As custodians of time, we have a responsibility to ourselves and future generations to uphold the integrity of these mechanical marvels, ensuring they continue to evoke awe and admiration for years to come.

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