Global Drink Wine Day pt. III: the best sparkling wines you may not have heard of

By Gabriel Power | 05 Feb 2021 | Indulge

The final part of Tempus' Global Drink Wine Day trilogy peers into the bubbly world of sparkling wines

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In the final part of Tempus' Global Drink Wine Day trilogy, we delve into the bubbly, buoyant world of sparkling wines.

While often seen as a party drink, a growing trend has emerged among producers of sparkling wines who are attempting to extol the virtues of enjoying their products in the same way one would their favourite red or white - perhaps over dinner or in front of the TV late at night.

So if still wines aren't doing it for you and carbonation is calling, pick up one of these sparkling wines for a somewhat bubblier Global Drink Wine Day.

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Artelium’s 2015 Rose is a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Meunier hand-picked from a single vineyard and skilfully made by celebrated winemaker-in-residence Dermot Sugrue. 

This traditional method wine has an intense English strawberry colour, is bold yet nuanced with a rich depth of red fruit flavours. The nose is clean, fresh and mineral, with wild strawberries, toast and cherry to the fore. This wine is characterised by its round and creamy mouth-watering acidity on the palate, evoking tart, summer fruits: cranberries, citrus and raspberries.

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Straight from Hunter Valley in New South Wales, the Tempus Two Copper Prestige Cuvée is part of the winery's Copper series, comprised of handcrafted, old-world-style wines with an Australian twist.

This Copper Prestige Cuvée is a stellar option for those seeking a crisp, zesty sparkling white. It has tantalising aromas of green apple and pear complemented by a fine creamy texture and a clean, dry finish.

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This brand new Thienot Cuvee Alain Brut 2008, a stunning blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, exemplifies the trademark savoir-faire and exacting standards synonymous with the Champagne house.

The cuvée Alain Thiénot presents an expressive and complex nose with toasted notes intermingled with aromas of dried flowers, ripe yellow fruit and a slightly praline finish. The palate is ample and balanced, with a long freshness and no sharpness.

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Made using the "traditional method", this rustic Cava looks like a hidden gem you might find in the deepest depths of a winery cellar - and it tastes like one too.

Bottled in January, it is aged for 42 to 48 months in the darkest part of the Loxarel cellar, situated in the vast plains just north of Barcelona. On the nose this Cava is bready and thick with aromas of pastry and brioche, along with a hint of salt. On the tongue, it is characterised by hints of green apple and more yeasty, biscuity notes. This is a clean and elegant Cava; a stellar example of the style at its most traditional.

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The Emissary is a British premium prosecco created by Londoner and drinks aficionado Ed Smith, who has crafted an impressive range of wines that are lower in sugar, 100% vegan and created on a family-run vineyard in Italy.

Their crowning achievement, for our money, is their newest: the Emissary Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG Brut, launched in July 2020. This straw-yellow prosecco has a nose rich with fruity and floral notes, while its palate is defined by a vibrant, zesty acidity with a subtle hint of sweetness.

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With an attractive pale golden colour and fine mousse, the Kings Cuvée from Hattingley Valley has vibrant citrus zest aromas layered with honey and nuts, all smoothly integrated with creamy oak, baked apples and marzipan.

This superb bubbly is deep and rich yet refreshing on the palate with bright, crisp acidity and a long, complex finish. Its myriad qualities have not gone unnoticed by experts either; it was voted the best sparkling wine at the 2020 Wine GB awards.

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A beautiful golden yellow bubble glinting with bright sparkles, this is a prestigious cuvée created in 1964 as an homage to the founder of the iconic Billecart-Salmon founder Nicolas Francois. 

The 2007 is rich with complexity and intensity while remaining crisp and refreshing. Flourishes of orchard fruits dominate the palate, balanced out by hints of stone fruits such as plum and sweet cherry. The finish rounds off the experience with a burst of a long floral note.