Get ready for Japan’s ski season with these three top resorts

By Polly Jean Harrison | 02 Jun 2021 | Sport, Travel

The three luxury Snow Resorts by Prince Hotels that offer perfect pistes this seasons

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Though the 2019/2020 winter season ended abruptly in the middle of March, there is hope for the future as next year’s ski season is set to be one of the best. Global tourism is beginning to recover in light of the pandemic, and long-term travel plans are seeing the light – with The Telegraph reporting a huge surge in flight bookings for January 2021. Though there is likely to be safety measures in place, such as social distancing, the ski industry is positive they will have a great winter season. 

With this in mind, it’s time to finalise your plans. While you may be thinking you should head to the alps, across the globe Japan boasts some of the finest pistes in the world for you to get your snow fix. Prince Snow Resorts have nine different venues across Japan, ranging from traditional mountain huts to family friendly resorts, all combined with distinctive Japanese food, shopping and scenery. Here are the top three Prince Snow Resorts in Japan you should visit next season:

Kagura Wadagoya Mountain Hut

The Wadagoya Mountain Hut is nestled in the alpine terrain of Kagura, renowned for its high altitude and abundance of light powder. The hut is only reachable by ski lift, giving guests exclusive access to fresh snow tracks in the morning before anyone else makes it up the mountain - ideal for true powder junkies looking to perfect their skills on untouched slopes. After a day exploring the trails, skiers can head back to the hut and recharge with a speciality wagyu shabushabu evening meal before soaking in a hot bath, ready to do it all again the next day. >>

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* Kagura Wadagoya Mountain Hut

Manza Onsen Ski Resort

Standing on the northwest edge of Gunma, the Manza Onsen Ski Resort is renowned for its combination of dry powder, unparalleled views and healing Japanese onsens. The two hotels, Manza Prince and Manza Kogen, both double up as relaxing hot-spring resorts featuring traditional onsens which use naturally warm water from geothermally heated springs. After a day on the slopes, guests can soak in these outdoor baths under the beautiful starry sky set against the mountains. With nine courses including a snow sledding space and speciality slopes this resort is suitable for every type of skier. 

Furano Prince Resort

Nestled in the heart of Hokkaido, Furano Prince Hotel is enclosed by spectacular snow mountains. With 23 varied skiing trails spread across 25km, this resort is perfect for families with differing ski experience. Offering private lessons at mixed levels, Furano is perfect for those who are getting on a mountain for the first time as well as skiing aficionados looking to fine-tune their skills. The resort is also known for its Family Snowland, where guests of all ages can enjoy snowy fun including dog sledding, snow tubing and banana boat rafting. In the afternoons, guests can head across the valley to Daisetsuzan National Park, where adults have exclusive access to the local hot springs fed by an active volcano while children can head to the playground to learn about the park’s natural wildlife. In the evening, parents can also visit the nearby Furano winery for a night of apres ski tasting famous Japanese wines. 

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* Furano Prince Resort