Four Seasons Private Jet Experience's Javier Loureiro tells Tempus about living the high life

By Michelle Johnson | 16 Oct 2018 | Travel

The brand's director of guest experience explains how to get the most out of bespoke private jet tours

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* Explore regions like the Galapagos Islands with Four Seasons Private Jet Experience

When it comes to ensuring guests get a truly bespoke holiday experience, the Four Seasons Private Jet Experience has a secret weapon in the form of Javier Loureiro, director of guest experience. From his first role as a bellman in Washington in 1979, Loureiro is a Four Seasons veteran, working up to guest services manager before joining the brand's private jet venture six years ago.

For Loureiro, shaping tailored excursions is all about getting to know his adventurous clientele, and he is always on hand to help his guests realise their luxury travel dreams – whether that's a private tour of the Hermitage Museum in St Peterburg, cycling through the Balinese countryside, or watching sunrise over the Serengeti from a hot air balloon.

The brand's Private Jet Experience provides a curated collection of global itineraries that deliver unique experiences from Four Seasons resorts and connections around the world. From international intrigue tours – which explore the world's best markets, temples and savannahs – to a 16-day Latin escape sampling the best of Central and South America, the tours can be designed to your every taste. Here, Loureiro tells Tempus about life on board the Four Seasons' jet…

Javier, tell us about your role with Four Seasons Private Jet Experience – as a bespoke package it must be incredibly varied day to day?
As the Director of Guest Experience, my role is to elevate every aspect of the journey, and I am the go-to person for special off-program requests, to be fulfilled in keeping with Four Seasons standards. I get a thrill out of tailoring experiences to exceed guest expectations; if guests are looking to explore Bogotá’s innovative arts scene, I can arrange a tour with a local artist. If dancing is more up their alley, I ensure a skilled instructor is on hand for a private salsa lesson. >>

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* Javier Loureiro is director of guest experiences with Four Seasons Private Jet Experience, ensuring your trip is truly bespoke

Do you have any favourite experiences so far?
My favourite destination is always wherever I am in the moment. I feel that enjoying each destination for its unique offerings is important. St. Petersburg, the Serengeti, and Kyoto are all very different and unique experiences, and it’s impossible to compare and choose just one. It’s fair to say that I love to travel and explore whatever new experiences come my way. I always compare my job to that of a magician. Part of it is knowing all the secrets of a particular destination and the other part is having the power to make anything you want happen. Together with the entire Private Jet team, we make the impossible possible. We’ve received requests for everything from a private hot-air balloon ride over Mumbai to an intimate vow renewal ceremony in the Maldives. Nothing is out of reach. The entire team works together to ensure that our guests have an incomparable experience and feel genuinely valued.

So how exactly do you and your team ensure these trips are unforgettable?
With every trip, that's our main goal, allowing guests to discover the locations on their itineraries in ways they would never have imagined. The in-flight team, together with our property contacts on the ground, take care of everything with the attention to detail, exceptional quality and caring service that we are known for, so guests can focus on the true joys of travel, without worrying about logistics. Our all-encompassing itineraries feature air travel aboard the Four Seasons Private Jet, ground transportation, planned excursions, all meals and beverages, and luxurious accommodations at Four Seasons hotels and resorts. On board, guests are joined by a physician, journey managers, executive chef, Four Seasons Concierge and Four Seasons-trained in-flight crew. Our chef uses local ingredients to deliver exceptional culinary experiences, even at 40,000 feet in the air.

How do you prepare as a host for each trip?
I work extensively with a dedicated Four Seasons team on the ground in each destination months before departure. Together, we create the framework for the individual itinerary of our guests, curating unmatched experiences. There is a huge team working tirelessly behind the scenes. Without the top-notch local expertise from the concierge teams at each destination, we would have a hard time delivering the seamless experience that our guests rave about. When travelling on the Four Seasons Private Jet, guests' days are filled with off the beaten track activities brought to life by local businesses, purveyors, craftsmen and chefs. From shopping at local markets alongside local chefs, and later enjoying authentic chef’s table dinners, to meditating with a Zen master and learning the art of the samurai – our relationships are a key component of our value proposition to guests. Whatever their desire, we can make it happen, guaranteeing that guests have a truly incredible experience with Four Seasons as both the curator and backdrop. >>

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* Tailor your trip to get the most out of regions like the Galapagos Islands with Four Seasons Private Jet Experience

You have been with the Four Seasons group for many years. Could you tell us about your experiences with the company?
I have been working for Four Seasons since 1979, working as a bellman at Four Seasons Hotel Washington, DC. That’s when I got my first real insight into company, and that was only the beginning of what has turned out to be a long and rewarding career. If you had told me where I am now back then, I wouldn’t have been able to imagine it, sometimes I have to pinch myself. I took my first step into the Private Jet Experience in 2012 as Guest Services Manager, an operational role where I served as an on-board concierge for a couple of journeys a year while still leading the Concierge Desk in Washington. In 2016 I started a new chapter with Four Seasons outside of the realm of the hotel, when I was offered a promotion to my current position, which combines both product development and onsite support. It’s been such an exciting time in my career and I feel honoured to be a part of this Four Seasons journey.

What makes five-star hospitality for you? What elements are needed to ensure a guest enjoys their experience to your standard?
In my opinion, five-star hospitality is summed up in the elements that cannot always be explained or seen, it is made up of all the tiny details that go into making an experience truly wonderful and unique. There are all kinds of packages that make up the various Four Seasons Jet Experiences, and when creating them, our main focus is to pay careful attention to personal touches and meaningful connections, making each trip distinctive in its own way. And of course, it is the passionate people along the way that make each journey unforgettable.

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* Explore like a local in the markets of Marrakech with Four Seasons Private Jet Experience