Ettinger CEO Robert Ettinger says his talented team is the reason the leather goods brand has “overcome so many hurdles” in 2020

Ettinger shares his insights in the Tempus British Luxury Review 2020

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2020 has been a year of new challenges but the future is bright for lovers of luxury. In our first ever British Luxury Review, Tempus asks experts from 12 of the UK’s most prestigious brands to shed some light on a year of seismic change and, in doing so, discovers a luxury landscape more focused on meaningful storytelling and fine craftsmanship than ever before. Here, Robert Ettinger, CEO of Ettinger London, shares his insight into the importance of client relationships as we build back from the trials of 2020…

“Covid-19 has spelt change and uncertainty for us all at Ettinger, in the production, marketing and sales of our luxury leather accessories. We have had to utilise and develop our own skills to adjust and respond effectively to the speed of change and uncertainty.

Ettinger, as a family business, can be flexible and responsive, but it is the team that has pulled together to maximise our strengths in production, marketing, sales, service and delivery. It is their tenacity, skill diversification and clear thinking that has overcome so many hurdles and it is their ability to share and contribute to so many tasks that has pulled us through.

“I feel it is very important that the staff own the risks posed by Covid-19 and are very involved in mitigating them. Ettinger sells luxury leather accessories globally and this is helping manage sales through the peaks and troughs of Covid-19.

“My hopes for 2021 are that Covid-19 can be managed in such a way that it will enable the economy to recover, businesses to rebuild, and a lid can be put on the enormous financial debt being left to our children and grandchildren.”

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