Discover the latest update of the world’s most secure and refined luxury mobile phone: the XOR X2

British brand XOR’s luxury mobile handset combines elegant design with a treasure trove of security features for communications connoisseurs

XOR X2 Matte Prime Scarlet secure handset

In the world of mobile phones, where US innovation often seems to dominate, the XOR X2 handset is a feat of British design and technology ready to take the market by storm with its range of unique security features and rare materials. First announced in 2021, the XOR Titanium X2 handset is now available in the UK and Europe, priced from £5,100, with the all-new XOR Matte Collection available in bold, contemporary colours.

Each XOR X2 handset is hand-crafted in England. The Titanium X2 collection is currently available in four elegant colours – classic, ebony, rose and marine – and will soon launch three new chic shades: cherry, cactus and cocoa. All featuring polished Grade 5 Titanium, scratch-proof sapphire crystal screens and fine calfskin leather supplied by Jean Rousseau. In 2022, the brand released the XOR Gold collection – the Elite Gold and Prime Gold – adding a new elegance to the distinguished design.

But it is the new XOR Matte Collection that is exciting fans of the brand with a distinguished, on-trend design that features 18K rose gold, matte black titanium and the finest Mississippi alligator leather (available in alluring black or deep scarlet). Each stylish exterior encases XOR’s impressive array of security features.

“I always strive to balance engineering and design in equal measure because they greatly enhance the impact of one another. The XOR Titanium X2 harmonises form and function,” says Hutch Hutchison, XOR co-founder and head of design. With more than 20 years’ experience in the luxury telecoms market, Hutch pioneered the XOR after observing his busy clients desired a phone that made a statement while delivering cyber-security.

“These devices are not designed to replace your smartphone – which today is a small computer that you can talk to, if you want,” he says. “Smartphones are tools that we need in our modern lives, but they say nothing about us in the way that our watches, clothes, bags and shoes do. Where smartphones have lost any cultural cache, your XOR is more than a tool: it is an object of desire crafted from the finest materials.”

Hutch founded XOR in 2017 with a team of entrepreneurs, craftsmen, designers, engineers, and materials connoisseurs all rooted in British design, and who shared “a vision to create a phone that was as protective as it was elegant”.

Ergonomically sculpted to fit the hand, the lower half of the phone sits in the palm of the hand and enables a natural grip, while the upper half transitions to a concave form with a natural home for the thumb and index finger.

XOR X2 Matte Prime Black secure luxury


The XOR X2 has built on the brand’s already impressive security features to equip the new handset with the XOR-Shield, XOR-Peer, remote control and three-layer password functionality. The patented XOR-Shield consists of protective modules – including SIM firewall and scanner, baseband firewall, SMS filtering and fake BTS detection – designed to detect and filter malicious commands.

Likewise, the XOR-Peer, a ground-breaking feature in XOR’s latest software version, is an encryption technology that protects calls and messages, with an exclusive peer-to-peer secure channel between two or more XOR phones, or from XOR to any smartphone utilising the XOR-Peer license management platform. Only XOR owners have the authority to manage XOR-Peer accounts and grant or revoke access for other smartphones.

“Smartphones are information sieves. People are beginning to realise just how much data is harvested from your every interaction. They also open many pathways for eavesdropping and cyber-attack. XOR phones have been created with this in mind and offer protection on many levels,” says Hutch. “The sad truth is, the more you are worth, the more of a target you become for criminals. I’m not just talking about credit scams but also corporate espionage. When business deals and legal matters are of high value, our clients value the knowledge that their conversations are secure.

“XOR phones are intended for both business and personal communication because, in both instances, it allows the user to create private, exclusive networks,” he adds.

In addition to these security features, users can make voice calls over traditional telecommunication networks, as well as receive calls from internet-based communication apps – such as Viber, WhatsApp and Messenger – on their XOR X2 devices, through an innovative new Smart Bluetooth feature.

The XOR X2 is the first and only luxury phone possessing a Smart Bluetooth feature that supports users’ health through monitoring safe usage. Hutch explains: “It is now widely accepted that smartphone addiction damages people’s mental health. Yes, we need these tools, but your XOR gives you a second option: a chance to still be in contact but in a minimal and refined way that hands your life back to you.”

Assembling the XOR X2 Titanium


An important factor across the XOR range is the brand’s dedication to craftsmanship: the XOR X2 handset, Hutch explains, is the “antithesis to mass-produced, common smartphones”.

“We do not mass-produce; every handset is hand-built by a single craftsperson in England. This not only ensures quality control but delivers the provenance that is desirable in any luxury object,” he says. “We use the finest materials we can source. It’s about what will be exceptional and look fantastic.”

The renowned designer, who was known for his designs at mobile companies Vertu and Nokia before co-founding XOR, led the design team to create the brand’s first Titanium handset in 2020 – with a simple-yet-sophisticated ethos that put functionality and usability at the core.

“My design ethos is to keep it simple. As any designer will tell you, great design is about how much you can take away – rather than adding complications – either visually or in the user experience,” he says. Hutch explains that the XOR-Peer and XOR-Shield are key to the product’s offering, but there are “other hidden delights” for users.

“In the design, I was very attentive not just to the ergonomics but also the tactility of the phone: I delight in holding it and savouring the feeling of quality,” he says. “Then there is the air quality detector, which gives you real-time alerts as to the levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in the environment. I always have the alert activated. Last but not least, I love the battery life – which is measured in days, not hours.”

Offering high levels of protection, statement style and a story of true craftsmanship, XOR’s mobile evolution into a truly discreet and distinctive smartphone is as clear as a bell.

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