Deer Box: get high-grade venison delivered to your door

By Tempus | 19 Mar 2021 | Indulge

As UK deer population skyrockets to its highest level in a millennium, Deer Box offers a wide range of sustainable, ethically culled venison

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Finding something unique and interesting to eat every day is becoming increasingly difficult as lockdown grinds on. So if, like so many of us, Deliverooed packages of tepid McDonald's simply isn't cutting it for you any more, chef, restaurateur and deer manager Mike Robinson and his deer manager partner Ben Heath have an intriguing answer. 

The pair have recently launched Deer Box, a fascinating new delivery service offering one of Britain’s most underutilised, nutritious and delicious resources: deer meat.

Capitalising on recently released statistics showing that the UK's deer population has risen significantly during lockdown to over 2 million - the highest in level in over 1,000 years - the pair are providing healthy sustainable wild venison in easy-to-prepare packages. Wild venison has a fine texture, is very low in fat and the taste varies between the six deer species, offering a significant amount of variety.

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When shopping online at Deer Box, customers can select one of the mixed venison boxes or compile their own box by selecting individual products. The brand is currently offering individual cuts including venison loin, saddle, osso bucco, pave or rump steaks, chops, racks, mince, diced meat,  burgers, sausages, shoulder and haunch, as well as speciality cuts of Chinese Water Deer and 28 Day Dry Aged Himalayan Fallow Deer.

The deer carcasses are hung for 7-10 days before being skinned, inspected by FSA Vets and UK stamped. They are then processed, butchered and vacuum packed for ultimate freshness before being frozen. This guarantees that every box will arrive with its customer as fresh as possible and still frozen ready to be either defrosted straight away or stored in the freezer.

"We mix up the species and make the boxes seasonal and with every pack there will be a choice of recipes to use," said Mike Robinson. "We guarantee that you will never get bored of what’s in the boxes."

For standard delivery, all orders must be placed before 11.30 pm on Mondays, to be shipped out on Tuesdays for delivery to your door on Wednesdays.