Fashion designer Daniel Fletcher announced as first-ever creative director of Royal Ascot

Marking a significant change in over 300 years of the racing institute’s history, Daniel will be helming Royal Ascot’s style direction for 2024

Daniel Fletcher Royal AscotFor the first time in over 300 years of Ascot Racecourse’s history, the British racing institute has announced the appointment of a creative director, with fashion designer Daniel Fletcher taking on this coveted role for 2024.

Within this role, Daniel will be helming Royal Ascot 2024’s style direction and will be responsible for creating the annual Lookbook and Millinery Collective — two pieces of high fashion editorial meant to entice racegoers to get lost in the world of fashion. 

The Lookbook and Millinery Collective were historically used to set the tone for the Royal Meeting, but in recent years, they have evolved as a source of inspiration for racegoers to curate the perfect outfit for the races.

Speaking about the new role, Daniel expressed his excitement at the appointment and shared his plans for the year, “I’m thrilled to be appointed as Ascot’s first Creative Director and have thrown myself into the new role. I’m keen to encapsulate the rich heritage of the racecourse while embracing the unique dress codes, adding a contemporary twist to bring a flair that Ascot hasn’t seen before.”Royal Ascot
He also said that he hopes to inspire racegoers to “push the boundaries with their own unique style” and embrace creativity at the Royal Ascot, and added that he is excited to reveal the “next evolution of style direction” for the world renowned brand.

Echoing Daniel’s sentiments, Alexandra Bertram, brand and creative lead of Ascot Racecourse said that they are thrilled with the collaboration as “self-expression and the joy of dressing up for the races has always been at the heart of Ascot”.

“Royal Ascot style transcends simply dressing for the races and Daniel brings a fresh, authentic aesthetic which perfectly mirrors our passion for individuality and personal style,” she said. “Collaborating closely with Daniel, we’ll be catering to the diverse Ascot audiences with their incredible array of styles and varied shopping habits, from pre-loved to couture.”

“He has a deep understanding of the Ascot brand and we cannot wait to work closely to create hero moments in the run up to Royal Ascot and beyond,” she added.

This year, Royal Ascot will take place from 18 to 22 June. 

Photography credit: Morgan Hill Murphy

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