'Dancing Jack' NFT by British digital artist MRE up for auction

By Gabriel Power | 27 May 2021 | Culture, Art

The digital art piece is a 'depiction of life’s golden moments shared with friends', according to digital art brand The ARX

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A one-of-one edition piece by British artist MRE has been put up for auction by modern 'phygital' art brand The ARX.

The piece was created in 2018 as a visual celebration to inaugurate the New Year, and features a computer-generated figure dancing in the spilled contents of an overturned contents of a bottle of 150th Special Edition Jack Daniel’s whiskey.

According to The ARX, Dancing Jack is a "depiction of life’s golden moments shared with friends" which "explores our fundamental need as a society to come together to mark moments and our intricate millennia-old relationship with fine wine and spirits".

"However, as someone who is teetotal, MRE lays out his own reality in this work; that alcohol is inherently a celebratory substance that can provide pleasure or alternatively pain," the brand adds. "This juxtaposition of the good and bad has plagued society for thousands of years. As we exit Covid and a global pandemic, life must go on and Jack is ready to dance his heart away for all of us."

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The artwork is open for bidding exclusively on MakersPlace and payment can be made with credit card or cryptocurrency, with the auction closing at 9pm BST on 27 May.

NFTs – or ‘Non-Fungible Tokens’ – are taking the art world by storm as a way to collect iconic moments in time, created by digital artists. An NFT is data stored on a digital ledger – or blockchain – certifying the asset is unique and an original. 

Visual artist MRE (pronounced ‘Mystery’) is best known for his distinct style of motion, exploring themes that blur reality and the surreal. He is also known for brand collaborations – and his impressive client list has also included the likes of Sony, Selfridges & Co, Lacoste and Creed.

The auction is masterminded by The ARX, a revolutionary new art division of Lux Group Holdings, which is designed to offer clients opportunities to acquire and build their own digital art collections, with expert guidance from an ARX curator in residence, and a physical gallery space to display “phygital” works – digital pieces with physical counterparts – for sale via auction.

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