Cruise control: the luxurious world of CRN Yachts

Tempus casts off on a journey to discover the art of building a bespoke megayacht

Since its founding in 1963 in the historic seaport of Ancona, Italy, bespoke shipbuilder CRN has specialised in designing and fabricating fully customisable aluminium megayachts.

The concept behind each of their yachts is to makes her as special and unique as her owner. With each construction, the owner’s vision is transformed into their perfect custom yacht, meeting exact specifications. To achieve this, the CRN team collaborates closely with a select bank of world-class architects and designers as well as the owner’s personal team, allowing them to create their own personal masterpiece of unmistakable style.

CRN operates an impressive production yard, one of the largest in Europe, fitted with state-of-the-art sheds packed to the gills with the latest technology and equipment. However, the self-professed heartbeat of the yard is its people. Made up of engineers, architects and technicians alike, they come together to create excellence, rising to any challenge their clients may throw at them.


Every voyage begins with one thing: a blank piece of paper. The process is focused on capturing the owner’s vision by way of an evolving listening process, to facilitate a thorough exploration of how the owner wishes to experience their pleasure boat.

“Bespoke is our DNA and our raison d’être,” a CRN Shipyard spokesperson tells Tempus. “Starting from a blank sheet, listening to and shaping the client’s desires, CRN develops innovative concept designs that transform the owner’s vision into fully custom yachts of peerless beauty and highest quality through a winning blend of passion and expertise, flexibility and creativity.

“Embracing and reflecting the client’s wishes, every aspect of every yacht is crafted inch by inch, taking care of the subtlest details. Our in-house team of project managers, engineers, project architects, technicians and craftspeople give the client their passionate support: layout, design, styles, colours, materials – in short, everything – can be personalised and made to measure. CRN assures the owner this freedom of expression, empowering them to become the true author of their own masterpiece.”

The owner’s needs are considered at every step, whether that’s how much space they require for entertaining, or the colours and materials used to add the finishing touches. Everything can be personalised, with the owner’s creativity coming fully into play. The expertise of Italian master artisans is favoured wherever possible, creating tailor-made high-quality solutions.

With the project design beginning to take shape, the hull is then built in the CRN shipyard. With an in-house carpentry team acting as an all-Italian master resource, the production continues until the yacht is ready to launch. In the months after her christening, the yacht is subjected to a “searching battery of tests” to verify that every detail meets the exacting standards of excellence that are a defining hallmark of CRN.

What started as a blank piece of paper is spectacularly brought to life, with the magnificent yacht delivered to the client exactly as they envisioned living up to the company’s motto: “made by you with our own hands.”


A prime example of this approach to megayacht creation is clear in CRN’s most recent launch, Voice. Launched this year, the fully custom steel and aluminium work of art has met her owner, and embarked on her maiden voyage around the Mediterranean.

The 62m megayacht, with an 11.5m beam, was designed by CRN in collaboration with Italian architecture studio Nuvolari Lenard, who developed the concept and interior and exterior styling. With five decks, consisting of a master suite and five VIP cabins, it can accommodate 12 guests in exquisite comfort.

“The owner is a very determined man with precise ideas, passionate about the sea and with a clear vision: he wanted a yacht that would represent him and his strong personality. The vessel needed to be immediately recognisable from a long way off,” says the shipyard spokesperson.

“The yacht has been designed and built thanks to a constant dialogue with the owner; many hours were spent with him, his family and team, assimilating inspiring ideas. The result is a highly distinctive yacht that expresses beauty and majesty, that stands out for her instantly recognisable lines and equally striking bespoke colours. She a unique masterpiece with a forceful, sporty personality and yet a superb balance among all her elements”

As well as the endless list of luxury amenities and elegant style, the yacht is also the first CRN megayacht to earn IMO Tier III certification – an environmental certification earned by the megayacht’s success slashing harmful nitrogen oxide exhaust emissions by 70%.

“IMO Tier III requirements are very important for the prevention of air pollution; in this sense, the owner’s attention to the environmental protection theme has found correspondence in CRN. At our yard, we are constantly working to mitigate the environmental impact of the materials used and the energy consumed by our bespoke yachts and in the process of making them.”

The CRN fleet currently boasts more than 200 vessels on the water, including military and commercial ships as well as their signature luxury yachts. With four more fully custom yachts in the process of construction, CRN continues its legacy as a global beacon of excellence in Italian shipbuilding.

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