Compare energy plans to find the best fit for your home

By Tempus | 09 Feb 2021 | Technology, Sustainability

Compare energy plans to ensure you have the perfect plan for your villa

Whether you live in a city centre apartment, a country pile or an urban oasis, you’ll need gas and electricity to power your home. The larger your property is, the more gas and electricity you’re likely to consume, so finding the deal that’s right for you is even more important.

Here, we take a look at how to compare energy plans and how to find the supplier and the tariff that’s perfect for your property.

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Energy prices, customer service and environmental credentials can vary widely between energy suppliers. Understanding exactly what to look for when searching for your new gas or electricity company will help you to find the supplier that meets your needs and requirements perfectly.

In order to see what tariffs and offers any particular energy company has available, you need to provide them with a range of information. This includes your monthly usage, your address, the name of your current supplier, your email and other important details.

Putting this information into each company’s website can be time consuming and the results you get difficult to evaluate. The best way to compare energy plans is to use an impartial comparison tool. This means you’ll only have to put your information in once and will be able to look at the different tariffs available side by side, making it easy to find the right deal.

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According to energy experts Switch Plan, there’s no one ‘best energy supplier’. Instead, it comes down to finding the company that offers the right mix of customer service, flexible tariffs and sustainability for your needs.


If you have an issue with your tariff, your energy supply or any other aspect of your service, you’ll want the problem to be resolved as quickly and easily as possible. Finding a company that offers a high level of customer service, and that takes its customer relationships seriously, will help to ensure all your interactions with your energy supplier are productive and pleasant.


If you move between properties, or travel abroad for long periods of time, you’ll probably want to select an energy company that offers flexible tariffs. Opting for a standard variable deal over a fixed rate tariff will give you the freedom to change deals, or energy companies, whenever you need to.

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In the past few years, the amount of energy produced from renewable sources has increased considerably. The average UK household now uses 47% green electricity. As solar and wind generation techniques improve, this figure is only going to go up.

Some energy companies have gone one step further and have begun offering 100% green electricity deals. A number also offer green gas or give customers the opportunity to offset the carbon emissions created by their gas supply. Selecting a company that gets its electricity and gas from green sources will allow you to lower your carbon footprint without changing your habits or your lifestyle.

Comparing energy tariffs, and switching suppliers, is quick, easy and hassle-free. So, if you’re not happy with the service you’re currently receiving, or if you want to make your villa that little bit greener, why not take a look at your energy plan today?