How Co-Lab 369’s wearable art is transcending the fashion trends with collectible pieces by Kate MccGwire

Designer Michelle Lindup founded Co-Lab 369 to create distinctive pieces that fuse art and fashion

Co-Lab 369 Michelle LindupParis-based British fashion and textiles designer Michelle Lindup originally founded Co-Lab 369 to explore the realm of the artist as a source for her imaginative print artwork. Since then, her collaborative works have fused art and fashion, rendering the transformative power of art more accessible, interactive, wearable – and, yes, very covetable. 

Now, Michelle has joined forces with British artist Kate MccGwire to create the Enigma Collection, a unique series of limited-edition luxury scarves. Inspired by Kate’s artistic practice, the scarves are crafted with intricate details to recreate her distinctive style, rooted in nature and exploring both form and function.Kate MccGwireCo-Lab369 is committed to sustainable and responsible production practices, using environmentally friendly dyestuffs to print on the finest silk, wool and cashmere fabrics – all with beautiful hand-finished edges. Attributing the essence of luxury with a commitment to uncompromising quality, meticulously maintained at every juncture, from the inception of design concepts to the thorough exploration and curation of the highest quality natural materials, and keen focus on detail. 

This dedication is exemplified through close collaboration with highly skilled artisans in Como, Italy, ensuring an unparalleled level of bespoke craftsmanship at every stage.

Kate’s extraordinary creative vision finds new life and meaning in these one-off collectible fashion pieces, enabling existing and new collectors to wear her artworks in style. Transcending the ephemeral trends of fashion, these timeless pieces resonate on a deeper level, offering a new medium of self-expression for the world you want to create around you, and the story you want to tell.Co-Lab369This first limited-edition collection exists of four unique designs, as well as a special Christmas gifting drop of two new releases, with between 50 and 100 scarves of each design available to buy.

Currently available to buy exclusively via Co-Lab 369’s online store, the Enigma collection will soon be available to buy in the boutique of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, to coincide with the upcoming Iris Van Herpen grand retrospective Sculpting the Senses, which will include Kate MccGwire’s sculpture Inveigle.

Find out more or shop The Enigma Collection at or @colab369

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