Choosing the perfect villa for your private holiday

22 Aug 2019 | Travel
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Even the most luxurious of five-star resorts can often come with a few mild irritations, whether needed to grab a spot at the pool or waiting extra time for your bar service. But a private villa is the perfect way to unwind and relax in the sun. It’s the very definition of a private holiday experience. But with so many styles, sizes and locations to choose from, it can be a little daunting to select the right villa for you. Allow us to make it a little easier for you.

A world for two

For a couple that wants to spend every available moment together on holiday without the prying eyes of other holiday-makers spoiling their fun, there are plenty of options available for complete seclusion. As there are only two of you, size is obviously less important, so you’ll want to look for something with a maximum of two bedrooms and a kitchen, but very little else (besides a pool, of course). Spain is ideal, as there are plenty of villas scattered around the country with their own land, which separate them from other visitors. 

Family fun

If you’re planning on bringing the whole family on holiday then villas don’t just offer you a private option with your own pool, but also the added security of your own private land in which your young ones can play freely. From sprawling Italian farmhouses to modern French barn conversions and modern builds, there are hundreds of options wherever you choose to vacation. Further afield, Florida in particular can offer a wealth of family friendly villas. >>

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Special occasions

Villa holidays are also ideal for 'big group' holidays – whether they be a large group of friends in the mood for some revelry, a wedding party full of loved ones and well-wishers or a smaller group of friends reconnecting in the sun after years apart. There are a number of locations worldwide that are perfect for this kind of holiday, with even more remote Caribbean islands as a potential option, which you can get to with ease if you opt for a private jet flight with VistaJet.

Winter wonderland

Villas are not only an option for summer holidays, of course. For winter vacations, they are also a wonderful option as the villas themselves are so much more homely and comfortable than your average hotel. Also, remember that the temperatures in locations like Crete and Aruba remain comfortably warm even in October and November, so if you fancy getting away from the wind and rain and experiencing some winter sun, there are a range of options available.

Whether you are looking for a holiday in the middle of the excitement, or a remote location where you can get away from it all, the rise of private villa holidays is set to continue.