Chaumet teases new secret watch inspired by the L’Épi de Blé jewellery collection

By Tempus | 22 Apr 2021 | Style, Design

Not available for release until June, the new design features Chaumet's trademark wheat motif

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Iconic luxury jeweller and watchmaker Chaumet will in June launch a new watch design inspired by the brand's iconic L’Épi de Blé de Chaumet Precious Jewellery collection.

In the tradition of the L’Épi de Blé line, the maison’s new secret watch will feature ears of wheat, which it says are "symbols of life and prosperity" and have had a prominent place in the brand's work for years.

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On the cover of the new watch the wheat motif is carved in relief, with the brushed yellow gold of the leaves contrasting with the diamond-set polished gold of the ears.

Little is known about this fantastic design, the details of which Chaumet is keeping close to its chest. One thing is for sure, however: it's one to look out for this summer.