Cask 88 launches fifth whisky in their unique Folklore Series

By Tempus | 04 May 2021 | Indulge

The Scottish rare whisky experts have unveiled 'Caointeach', a 28-year-old bourbon-aged Bowmore single malt

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Cask 88, one of the world’s foremost experts in rare and antique whisky, has this week announced the release of the fifth instalment in its unique Scottish Folklore Series of single malt whiskies.

The series of ultra-premium whiskies is designed to, as the company puts it, "bond the stories of Scotland’s unique history with the very finest expressions of its spirit", with previous instalments having been named for such myths as Nuckelavee, a demonic sea creature, and Cailleach Beira, the Celtic winter queen.

This newest release, the fifth of six "chapters" in the series, features the Caointeach, a banshee associated with the Hebridean island of Islay that is known for singing at times of death.

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But while the associated folklore may sound spooky, the liquid inside the bottle is anything but. Taken from a single cask of 28-year-old whisky distilled at Bowmore distillery in 1991, this superb spirit has spent all its 28 years in an ex-bourbon hogshead, a classic approach to maturation that allows Bowmore’s unique character to show through, emphasising the flavours that come from the fermentation and distillation process.

As a result, the spirit is rich with tropical fruitiness, floral notes and the signature Bowmore peat, with an ABV of 53.2%. With only 203 of these stunning whiskies produced, it is priced at £385 per 70cl bottle.