"Audrey’s Eyes" NFT by Gala Mirissa goes up for auction on Makers Place

By Gabriel Power | 02 Jun 2021 | Culture, Art

Rare moving digital artwork is inspired by the beauty of Hollywood icon Audrey Hepburn

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Audrey’s Eyes, an NFT by digital artist Gala Mirissa, has been put up for auction by "phygital" art brand The ARX, with bids already topping $11,000 on digital makers place MakersPlace.com.

The piece, which features a likeness of Hollywood icon Audrey Hepburn, is a 1/1 work "inspired by the ethereal beauty" of the actress, The ARX writes.

The award-winning visual artist and NFT collector has created the piece by applying her signature technique to one of her favourite mediums - photography - and captures the symbiosis between classic and contemporary, as well as the physical and digital realms.

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This highly sought-after NFT will be accompanied by a signed physical print from the artist. The artwork is open for bidding exclusively on MakersPlace and payment can be made with credit card or cryptocurrency, with the auction closing at 9pm BST on 2 June.

NFTs – or ‘Non-Fungible Tokens’ – are taking the art world by storm as a way to collect iconic moments in time, created by digital artists. An NFT is data stored on a digital ledger – or blockchain – certifying the asset is unique and an original. 

The auction is masterminded by The ARX, a revolutionary new art division of Lux Group Holdings, which is designed to offer clients opportunities to acquire and build their own digital art collections, with expert guidance from an ARX curator in residence, and a physical gallery space to display “phygital” works – digital pieces with physical counterparts – for sale via auction.

Find out more at makersplace.com