All aboard the Sunseeker Experience, designed for budding yacht owners

By Marius Borg Høiby | 27 Apr 2018 | Ocean, Move

Style Editor Marius Borg Høiby explores the Sunseeker Experience at the yacht brand's showcase in Poole

On the sunniest day of the year so far, the entire Sunseeker fleet gathered in Poole for a long weekend of excitement as, for the first time, guests were invited to compare the luxury superyacht models all in one location. From the brand's San Remo to the 58' Sports Yacht, to the enormous 131' Yacht to the newly debuted Predators 50' and 74', Poole was the place to be for any yacht enthusiast last weekend.

But not content to showcase their sale opportunities, the brand also launched its new Sunseeker Experience at the showcase event – an opportunity for non-owners to buy into the yachting lifestyle with tailored luxury day trips hosted by Sunseeker owner Simon Morgan on his stunning 52' Manhattan 'Betsea' or 86' Yacht 'Hard8'.

Morgan, co-founder of the Sunseeker Experience, invited Tempus aboard Betsea for a taste of what's in store for interested guests. Starting with a glass of champagne in the blissful sunshine, we soon embarked on a cruise out into the sea. The skipper put the 52' through its paces, displaying a few highspeed turns much to the delight of guests.

"The experiences we offer are really quite exciting. We have two beautiful boats, two of the newest sunseekers on the South coast, and so we started with a view to taking some of our clients out," Morgan exclusively told Tempus. "From there we've grown into the Sunseeker Experience, partnering with Sunseeker, who is the most amazing company to be doing something like this with. >>

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* Style Editor Marius Borg Høiby explores the Sunseeker Experience at the yacht brand's showcase in Poole

Yacht broker and director Morgan, whose company organises tailored yachting holidays for any desired experience, says that the Sunseeker Experience will give clients a taste of both sizes of yacht.

"As soon as our clients step on the vessels, there's an immediate pleasure of being on a Sunseeker," he said. "The way the boats are built and put together, and the level of service they can expect from us, the Sunseeker Experience is a tailor-made day that you honestly cannot find anywhere else. You choose what you want to do, where you want to go, who you want to bring.

"Without a question, this is a fantastic way to experience yachting if you're thinking to buy," he continued. "We've already had two people put down an order after coming out on an experience with us. They looked at the boat show and said, 'we are buying'."