Ahoy there! Breguet launches new marine model

By Juliet Herd | 24 Mar 2022 | Style, Design

The famed watchmaker is making waves with its stunning Marine Hora Mundi timepiece

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There’s a lot of history attached to Breguet’s Marine Hora Mundi. This sleek and sporty timepiece, part of the Marine line combining technical and aesthetic feats, has its origins in the French Navy of the 19th Century. 

It all started in 1815 when scientist and technician Abraham-Louis Breguet was awarded one of the most honourable titles of the era, that of Watchmaker to the Royal Navy, by King Louis XVIII. Thus began an association that saw the fleets of some of the world’s greatest explorers equipped with a Breguet timekeeping system, changing the face of navigation forever.

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The new Hora Mundi model continues this tradition. A unique travel complication, which took three years to develop, it features a memory mechanism that allows the user to pre-set two time zones and switch from one to the other with one simple click, while maintaining the synchronised date, day/night and city displays. 

This technical feat is accomplished via the pusher and crown. Having selected the first city’s time and date, the watch wearer need only set the second city. The mechanism then calculates the time and date by means of a system of cams, hammers and an integrated differential. 

At that point, merely pressing the pusher is enough to travel from one end of the planet to the other, all without disturbing the accurate running of the watch.

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The dial design comprises three parts and represents an interpretation of the world on the wrist through a play on materials and superimposed plates. On the first gold base, the hand-guilloché waves lap gently against the shores of the continents. The sunburst dial base in abyssal blue creates the impression of a permanent wave pattern with coastlines subtly outlined with a metallic turquoise border. Finally, an outer flange serves as a support for the various elements on the dial.