A cut above? We put ADAM Grooming Atelier's speed-barbering skills to the test

By Ross Forbes | 29 Aug 2019 | Style, Indulge

The Mayfair barber boasts impeccable attention to detail with ultimate convenience

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For some, going to the barbers can seem like a laborious chore. After enough poor cuts, the quest for the perfect barber can quickly become a search for anyone who can manage a fairly consistent job, and even then it can be luck of the draw whether you feel fantastic about yourself or find yourself reaching for a paper bag to cover a disappointing cut. I’ve found three key points are vital in avoiding a close shave with disappointment: experience, communication and consistency. ADAM Grooming Atelier truly makes the cut.

In just three short years, ADAM has expanded into multiple London locations, going from new kid on the block to one of the highest-rated barbers in the city. That’s quite the accolade regardless of the short timeline. With ADAM, it’s all about the user experience which, with something as intimate as barbering, is truly a make-or-break factor. Ensuring you are relaxed, restored and ready to take on the challenges of the day is a speciality, among many others, they have perfected.

The Mayfair barber is tucked away in a chic street on Gee’s Court. The design – Scandinavian-inspired with notes of traditional Turkish flare – is clean, contemporary and completely uncluttered: the exact words I'd use to describe the perfect haircut. The smell is fantastic, and the sensory ambience is completed with quiet but well-chosen music.

I was shown to a more private area and offered a welcome drink before meeting my barber, Adrian, who provided a true consultation on the look I was going for. Rather than worrying about whether I was using the right terms or buzzwords, I was able to describe what I wanted as if talking with a friend. His interest felt as genuine as his determination to get it just right. I went for a low fade, with a good amount of length on top for styling. As part of the Total Comp package, this haircut comes along with a beard trim and a wet shave to shape it all, two washes and hot towels, and a friction scalp massage. >>

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One of my favourite things about Turkish barbering is the attention to detail throughout the full coverage, something Adrian, and ADAM, clearly take very seriously. If you’re not yet in need of the full MOT, check the Director’s Cut for a fresh haircut or Face Time for a traditional Turkish wet shave or beard trim.

As Adrian begins skilfully layering my fade with his clippers, I can already see a smooth gradient from skin to hair. Despite his surprising speed, there is obvious attention to detail as the cut takes shape. He moves on to chopping away at the top of my hair with great dexterity. The end result is rare in my experience: Not only does it look fantastic but it's exactly what I had asked for.

We move on to next stage of the experience, as my beard needs to be trimmed, shaved and shaped to match. With a little help from the hot towels and a scalp massage, I’m feeling like a new man in no time.

ADAM is a favourite among young creatives, corporate financiers and CEOs of global tech companies. It’s no wonder then, that part of the experience is the appreciation of your schedule. With a quality cut that lasts just 40 minutes, it's the perfect balance between impeccable service and convenience, so you can get back to doing what you do best.

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