A beast unleashed: Tempus test drives the new Jaguar F-Type SVR

By Jay Boisvert | 29 Sep 2017 | Speed
img tempus
* Tempus test drives the new Jaguar F-Type SVR

It’s a cold Tuesday morning and the rain is beating down on London. What could possibly brighten up this typically depressing British summer’s day? The delivery of a brand new Jaguar F-type SVR, that’s what. As a seasoned petrolhead, nothing gets me excited like the presence of a car that, that in the words of Jeremy Clarkson is “too loud and anti-social”. As I heard this little beast purr around the corner, it was like Christmas morning had come early. If this is “anti- social”, I thought, arrest me.

After reading numerous reviews of the Jaguar F-type SVR, I was looking forward to seeing what all the fuss was about. I have to say that, from the moment I got behind the wheel, it did not disappoint. The engine, a five-litre supercharged V8, is like an animal that wants to be unleashed. It has the capability to get you where you are going in record time. With an acceleration of zero to 60 in an impressive 3.8 seconds, the car holds its own against many top supercars, the only difference being the price point. With a starting cost of just £110,000, it’s better value for money than any other car on the market, in my opinion.

The SVR handles like it’s on rails. With the help of the four-wheel drive system, the car gives you maximum confidence, especially when opening her up on long, winding back roads. It goes without saying that with such a great surge of power under your right foot, you have to be a little sensible – especially on wet terrains.

Tempus test drives the new Jaguar F Type SVR from Tempus Media on Vimeo.

The key element that stands out most about the Jaguar F-type SVR is its sound. If you, like me, enjoy the roar of a V8, then you need to check this car out. I can only liken it to a V8 on steroids, and a serious number of steroids, at that. With added sound level customisation functions, this beast certainly has the “look at me” factor.

One thing I loved about this car is that, in essence, you get two cars for the price of one. You can stick the automatic gear box into normal mode, switch the exhaust to quiet and drive around fairly unnoticed. Alternatively, you can flick it into sports mode, crank the exhaust up loud and people will hear you coming from the next town. Oh, and did I mention, it can reach a speed of 200mph?

All things considered, it really is a superb car but you have to get behind the wheel to truly appreciate the performance. Hats off to Jaguar for making the best-looking vehicle to roll out of their factory for at least 30 years.

img tempus
* Tempus test drives the new Jaguar F-Type SVR
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