2021 spring and summer wardrobe trends to look out for

By Tempus | 13 Feb 2021 | Style
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Do you like to keep up with changing trends in fashion? Many of us would do anything for an opportunity to dress up in something other than loungewear right now. But with hope and warmer weather on the horizon, now could be the perfect time to update your wardrobe. 

Online clothing sales rocketed in 2020 as designers embraced runway-to-retail apps and updated their online shopping portals – much to the delight of locked-down fashionistas. Whether you’re ready to splash the cash or plan to spread the cost, with the latest runway trends already trickling into fashion retailers’ collections, here are seven 2021 spring and summer trends for women to look out for. 

Red is the new black

Pantone plumped with grey and yellow as its colours of the upcoming year, so you can expect to see both creeping into our wardrobes and home interiors. However, another enduring option is red, which has already featured heavily in luxury romantic SS21 designer collections.

Luxe leather

Leather trousers made something of a comeback last year – and the trend looks set to extend to a range of other everyday items. From decadent blazers and leather mini dresses to short-sleeve shirts, could a black leather piece add something new to your wardrobe? 

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Puffed sleeves and shoulders

The puffed sleeve has been another common sight of recent seasons and seems to be here to stay. Puffed proportions may well extend to our shoulders too as we embrace billowing blouses and dresses.

Midriff flossing

Not heard of midriff flossing? In practice it simply means skirts with tie fastenings that highlight the stomach. This deconstructed style is as suited to the beach as it is the bar – and could be widespread once warmer weather hits. 

Wide-leg trousers

From suit trousers to khakis and jeans, the message this year is simple – keep it flowy! Whatever your material and formality preferences, it’ll pay to have at least one wide-legged trouser in your line-up. 

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Cinched waistlines

Belts are nothing new of course, but experts expect to see them being used high up this year to create shape from looser pieces. From edgy designs such as woven leather or gold chain, get ready to cinch your skirts, dresses, coats and more.  

Oversized shirts

Boyfriend shirts are another staple that seems to get reimagined year after year. SS21 collections so far have featured more feminine twists, from colour to lace and crops. Whatever your take on the look, a quality oversized shirt will never go out of fashion.