Westley Richards launches Annual Special Edition

Westley Richards’ first Annual Special Edition of the company travel bag range offers yet another degree of luxury and exclusivity

Westley Richards fine leather travel bags have developed something of a cult following, being as appropriate for a weekend in the city as for a month’s safari in Africa.

For Autumn 2023, this prestigious English brand is launching its first Annual Special Edition of the company travel bag range, offering a further degree of luxury and exclusivity, with new materials and new colours arriving in the shop every 12 months. Each edition will be strictly time limited and will not be repeated. In time, each year’s special will become a treasured classic.

While Westley Richards is best known for its 200-plus years of bespoke gun and rifle making, it is the outfitting of clothing and leather goods that has seen the most significant growth in recent years.

One half of the company’s factory, based in Birmingham’s original Gun Quarter, is devoted to the guns, the other to leather goods manufacture. The West Midlands has been a centre of leather-making since time immemorial so it is fitting that Westley Richards should have moved into the business. 

It began with the manufacture of high-quality slips and cases to protect clients’ prized guns but expanded into other areas, offering a wide range of traditionally-tanned and exotic heirloom-quality leather goods to adventurous travellers and field sports enthusiasts alike.

Westley Richards
Today, Westley Richards remains one of the very few luxury travel bag makers in the British Isles with a quality standard that continues to be unparalleled.

This year its celebrated travel collection has been made available in a unique walnut suede, trimmed with the company’s signature bark-tanned smooth leather in a matching dark brown shade. The 2023 suede is manufactured in Florence, Italy, using a chrome and metal-free tanning process and finished with a colourfast treatment, that seals the colour in and helps prevent colour-bleed.

The suede has a particularly velvety pile with a highly compact texture, and a colour depth not commonly encountered, that effortlessly exudes quality, luxury and style.

Each piece of luggage carries all the modern Westley Richards stylistic themes, fit for purpose detailing, a woven lining designed by famed engraver Paul Lantuch, and the company’s recently established gun making-inspired logoplate.

If you are looking for a new backpack, crossbody bag or weekender that has been designed and made to last generations, using leathers that develop a rich patina with age, and bespoke brassware heavily influenced by the brand’s sporting heritage, then Westley Richards is surely the place to go.

The Annual Special Edition in Walnut Suede is available now, in-store and online at westleyrichards.com

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