The post-lockdown hair trends for men and women that are elegant and easy

By Tempus | 13 Jul 2020 | Style

Hair stylist Jonathan Andrew reveals how low-maintenance lockdown is inspiring a no-fuss summer style
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Celebrity hair stylist Jonathan Andrew says that lockdown hair trends may here to stay. The global brand ambassador for Fudge Professional notes that low-maintenance locks in lockdown have been a boon to style-conscious men and women, who may not be ditching the low-fuss look just yet. Read on to find out his top styles... 

Grown out colour

“Grown out colour is a big one that I expect to stay. Since we’ve been unable to replicate our hair colour at home and so have allowed for it to grow and create a softer balayage effect especially on lighter tones of hair - I expect this to stay for some time and spark the next big colour trend.”

The shaved head

“Guys have been braving the shave head in lockdown and I’ve seen a lot of looks start out not so well. It has however ended up being a great new style for people, it doesn’t suit everyone but when it works I think it is a great look for summer. If it’s done cleanly and suits your face shape then it’s definitely a keeper and perfect for when the heat rises and easy to up keep since you don’t need to style it!”

Tight crops

“I see crops really coming back in when shorter and shaved hair grows out more, this will be a great time for guys to try out new things with a more versatile look. They will be grabbing for hair wax’s and I really recommend Fudge’s Matte Hed Mouldable – brand new this year. It’s perfect to add texture and definition to your hair with a flexible, medium hold. Also enhanced with climate control shield to provide all day humidity protection.”

Long locks – men

“Longer hair has been seen lots on people avoiding the home haircut at all costs, for men I expect to see much more groomed finishes with polish and shape and I expect to see guys continuing to grow it out and see what they can do with more hair to work with. As a guy with long hair myself I recommend Fudge’s Aqua Shine Serum to help gloss your style and avoid frizz, plus Fudge’s Texture Spray for instant volume and tousled texture.”

Long locks – women

“For women, I have seen ladies take this time to grow past difficult stages and get to lengths they have desired for ages. From this I see texture and waves making a big impact on what direction hair takes into winter. I recommend Fudge’s Tri-Blo to ensure protection and defence against heat damage and improve hair health since you are more likely to need to blow-dry your hair.”


“Given that it seems to be the thing people have felt most comfortable cutting themselves, not always with the best results but nonetheless fringes are here, I expect a big influx of fringe maintenance when the salons open. I’m really loving seeing so many different takes on it from soft full fringes to seventies inspired grown out flicks – people are definitely a lot more fun and creative and this is being shown through their hair.”