The Luxe List: these five cutting edge products provide the ultimate in luxury living

By Tempus | 16 Oct 2017 | Wealth

From Mercedes' new Formula 1 car for two, to the best new members club in town, Tempus brings you the most exciting seasonal must-haves
* Mercedes-AMG Project ONE
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* Mercedes-AMG Project ONE
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* Zenith Defy Lab
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* The Vault Bar & Lounge
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* Brikk Lux iPhone X Ingot 250
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* Yamazaki Mizunara 2017 Edition
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The Luxe List

This week, our essential guide to the month’s finest seasonal must-haves focuses on precision and innovation, bringing us one of the most exciting products in supercar history – the Mercedes-AMG Product ONE. Record-breaking watches, revolutionary whiskies and the ultimate in luxury phone cases round up our list, to ensure you've got first dibs on the cutting edge of luxury living. Take a look at our latest must-have items... >>

Mercedes-AMG Project ONE

A Formula 1 car built for two, the Mercedes-AMG Project ONE is high on our list of top launches of 2017. A  first in the history of motoring, Mercedes brings the technology of the F1 track to the road, creating the ultimate hybrid in the shape of this stunning two-seater sports car.  The vehicle is powered by a turbocharged combustion engine with four electric motors and can reach phenomenal speeds of 11,000 rpm with ease. It’s pretty nice on the eyes, too.

Zenith Defy Lab

Re-writing the future of Swiss watchmaking in a single launch, Zenith unveils the world’s most accurate mechanical watch, Defy Lab. The timepiece, which is striking both visually and mechanically, features a revolutionary new oscillator system with a 15Hz movement that’s been deemed the “world’s most accurate” by experts. Only 10 limited edition launch pieces are currently available to collectors, with further production planned for 2018, so get in quick.

The Vault Bar & Lounge

Concealed behind a 20-tonne vault door in the basement of The Ned hotel lies one of London’s most exclusive new member’s clubs, Ned’s Club. The venue is home to The Vault Bar & Lounge, a 24-hour cocktail bar in a former jewel vault, lined with 3,000 original safety deposit boxes. Here, guests can enjoy modern mixology, Italian light bites, live music and special events tailored to the club’s elite clientele.

Brikk Lux iPhone X Ingot 250

When the iPhone X was unveiled with its £1,000 price tag, it caused a stir around the world. But for those to whom four figures is a drop in the ocean, Brikk has found a way to make the devices even more special.  The Lux iPhone X collection, launching in December, features a variety of stunning models, including this Lux iPhone X Ingot 250. Priced at $69,995 (£51,660), the case is handmade from solid gold and features 250 grams of 22K yellow gold. It just might be the most opulent iPhone in existence.

5. Yamazaki Mizunara 2017 Edition

The Japanese have never shied away from difficult challenges, so when master blenders at Suntory Whisky announced their plans to create a special whisky cased in rare – and most significantly, permeable – Mizunara oak, we were excited. Now, 18 years later, the casks have been uncorked and we can say it’s been worth the wait. This unique Japanese spirit has a tantalisingly spicy taste, with notes of sandalwood and aloe wood brought out by the Mizunara. Delicious.