The Luxe List: 5 incredible seasonal purchases to level up your lifestyle

By Tempus | 23 Oct 2017 | Wealth

From submarines to super yachts, we've found the new luxury items that will let you really push the boat out
* The Luxe List: 5 incredible seasonal buys to level up your lifestyle
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* The Migaloo M7 personal submarine
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* Dynamiq GTT 115 Hybrid
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* Tiffany & Co. Signature Fragrance
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* Aston Plaza & Residences, a £250million luxury apartment complex in the heart of Dubai
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* Elysium by DavidHugh
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The Luxe List

Whether you're in the market for a new superfast superyacht or want to dive to new depths with your very own submarine, we've found the pre-order products that will let you really push the boat out. Add to that the unique floatation chair that will let you take the weight off your feet in a new fashion, and the scent-sational new perfume from Tiffany & Co, and you've got what might be our favourite Luxe List yet. Read on to learn more about our pick of the very best... >>

Migaloo M7

When you’ve achieved the golden triangle of supercar, superyacht and private jet, where else is there to go? Underwater. After spotting a gap in the market, companies are racing to create the world’s first ultra-luxe submarine. Migaloo, with its 928-foot M7 (predicated to cost £2bn), is a key contender. The submersible vessel, which is packed full of state-of-the-art facilities and capable of reaching speeds of 20 knots underwater (40 knots on the surface), takes the concept of yachting to fresh new depths.

Dynamiq GTT 115 Hybrid

The modern gentleman’s superyacht, the 
GTT 115 Hybrid combines the innovative technology of Dynamiq with the style of Porsche. Featuring a bespoke hybrid system and a boat-load of fashionable features, the 35m vessel is the closest you’re going to get to taking a sportscar out on the high seas. Production of the striking superyacht, which was unveiled at Monaco Yacht Show, is limited to just seven pieces, so it’s bound to be in high demand.


Tiffany & Co. Signature Fragrance

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, perfume comes in at a close second. Combining the two beautifully is none other than many women’s favourite jeweller, Tiffany & Co. Launching worldwide in October, the brand’s new signature fragrance is a deliciously floral iris scent, encased in a beautiful glass  acon modelled on Tiffany’s iconic diamond cut. If you’re seeking a sparkling new scent for women, look no further.

BitCoin properties

As cryptocurrency becomes increasingly desirable and respected within the luxury marketplace, more and more industries are experimenting with virtual currency payments. The latest to join
is property. Baronness Michelle Mone OBE and Knox Group chairman Douglas Barrowman have unveiled Aston Plaza & Residences, a £250million luxury apartment complex in the heart of Dubai where interested parties can buy flats off-plan using BitCoin. Owners can even pay for interiors with the cryptocurrency when commissioning Mone Interiors. Is this the future of property?


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Elysium by DavidHugh

New from British inventor and designer David Wickes
 is this innovative, scientifically-savvy floatation chair. Introducing a new generation of gravity-defying seating, Elysium is the only chair in the world that offers an incredibly relaxing, ‘weightless’ experience. While its hefty £20,000 price tag may seem steep, it needs to be seen – or should we say sat in – to believed.