These are the 5 most luxurious new summer texture trends

By Lauren O'Neill | 24 May 2018 | Style, Design

Vamp up your interior decor with these luxurious textural trends
* Summer texture trends by Kelly Hoppen for Restoration Hardware incorporate gold and silver metals for a contemporary aesthetic
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* Dark wood is they classic style that's here to stay, as Thomas Bina's collection for SONDER Living concurs
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* Intricate and lightweight linen makes for the perfect place mat material
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* The 1970s trend of wall panelling is heading back to a wall near you this summer
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* Caravane director Veronique Piedeleu says woven textures can be used in a multitude of different ways
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* Kelly Hoppen for Restoration Hardware uses mixed metals as a way to modernise the home, and bring glamour to a neutral space.
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As we transcend from spring into summer, there’s no better time to get creative with the interiors in your home, injecting your space with contemporary furnishings and accessories. For summer 2018 the interior trend putting all others in the shade is textures – from plush fabrics to hand-crafted weaving – and for good reason too. Tempus spoke exclusively to a host of luxury interior designers to gain their expert insight on how to do the texture trend justice. Read on to find out how. [Image credit: Kelly Hoppen for Restoration Hardware]  

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Dark Wood

Dark, mahogany wood is arguably the most traditional interior aesthetic of them all, bringing with it a timeless notion of sophistication and structure. Its texture and tones blends seamlessly with pretty much any colour palette too – from muted nudes and pastels to brighter primary hues. Replace your focal furniture piece, such as dining room table or dresser, with luxurious mahogany for a simple way to add depth to the rest of your interiors. Thomas Bina's collection for SONDER Living should be your first port of call when it comes to mohogany essentials – the Tribeca designs are top of our wishlist. 


Beautifully intricate and lightweight, linen is not just reserved for your favourite go-to beachwear, it's relaxed yet refined appeal makes for the ideal material to adorn the home too. “Linen has always been at the core of the Caravane brand, and now consumers are starting to pay attention to this humble, natural material,  ” director of Caravane Veronique Piedeleu said. “There are so many options when it comes to linen, so it’s no surprise that it has become a key texture for 2018.”  Here the trend has been applied to the staple no successful dinner party is without, placemats. 

Wall Panelling 

Harking back to a look prevalent during the 1970s, panelling is making a notable comeback to the four walls of our home – but with a thoroughly modern twist. “Texture is an integral part of interiors, be it plush fabrics or mixed metals, and in 2018 we’re seeing materials used not only through flooring and soft furnishings, but on wall coverings too,” Zoe Hartridge, lead interior designer at New i.d Interiors said. “For a modern twist, instead of painting or wallpapering, opt to panel your walls with woods or metals, to inject depth and tactility into a room.”



Weaving is an intricately expert craft, and statement woven pieces have enjoyed something of a revival this summer, particularly in accessories, cropping up everywhere from crockery to mirrors. “This traditional process allows craftsmen to create pieces of unique shapes and sizes that can be used in so many different ways,” says Caravane director Veronique Piedeleu.“Whether it’s the thick, rope weave of our Murgi chair, or the intricate macramé loops found in the Balbi hanging lamp, these textural pieces invite a sense of calm into the home.”

New Metals

For a summer trend that will last all year, take a leaf out of designer Kelly Hoppen's stylish range for American interior concept store Restoration Hardware and consider luxurious textures paired with mixed metals to modernise your home, and bring colour and glamour to a neutral space. Industrial pieces will make a statement in pride of place and emphasise the comfort of plush sofas and soft furnishings, while mixing golds and silvers lighting and accessories never fails to add a touch of elegance without risking a slip into gaudy opulence.