Tailor-made travel expert Audley Travel shares its guide to the best places to visit on each continent

By Freddy Clode | 03 Feb 2020 | Travel

Audley recommends seven awe-inspiring destinations to inspire your wanderlust

* South Africa
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* The Galapagos Islands
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* Iceland
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* South Africa
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* Tasmania
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* New Orleans
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* The Taj Mahal, India
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* Antarctica
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It may be a small world, with our ability to travel to stunning places never so easy, but for those seeking out unique adventures or exclusive experience there are still plenty of awe-inspiring destinations to thrill your wanderlust. Bespoke travel experts Audley Travel share their pick of the world's most remarkable spots on each continent. Read on for more... 


The Galapagos Islands is an archipelago of volcanic islands that play host to the largest number of endemic species anywhere on the planet. Famed as the birthplace of Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, the 19 islands have become the foremost destination for wildlife spotting. Yet the islands’ remarkable natural value lies not just in their diversity, but in how their inhabitants have adapted to survive the rugged landscape of these isles. From Galapagos tortoises to the blue-footed booby, the islands have more unique species to see than anywhere else on earth; experiencing this untouched prehistoric world is an adventure that everyone should seek to undertake.

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Iceland is home to some of the largest glaciers in Europe as well the world’s most active volcanoes yet, for many, it’s the Northern Lights and thermal spas which make this a must-visit destination. Enjoy the historical concert halls and houses of Reykjavik and its downtown gastronomic scene, before heading off into the wild rural country to visit the famous Blue Lagoon – a natural thermal bath surrounded by 800-year-old lava fields. Follow this with a trek through the ice caves, hiking over glacial national parks and enjoying the thundering waterfalls and hot water blowholes of Haukadalur Geothermal Valley. Iceland is a place to relax, unwind and admire the sheer glacial beauty of the north.

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From the magnificent landscapes of the Cape Peninsula and the lagoons, lakes and rolling hills of the Garden Route, to the national parks of the Eastern Cape and exhilarating game drives, wherever you travel in South Africa it’s impossible not to be in awe of your surroundings. South Africa is truly the world in one country, where its guests can swim with dolphins, spot the ‘big five’ on safari, scale mountains, indulge in globally acclaimed wines, and travel through the heartlands via luxury rail. Activities in abundance await the luxury traveller, whether you choose to focus on a single mission – such as visiting the historic battlefields of KwaZulu Natal – or simply admiring the penguins glide along the Western Cape. 

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Tasmania has evolved from notorious penal colony to the most celebrated luxury destination in Australia, with the ingredients to delight nature lovers, culture fiends, and serious foodies alike. Head to Cradle Mountain for exceptional views, discover the bustling arts and crafts of Salamanca Markets, or visit Port Arthur to learn about the nation’s history. Yet no trip is complete without coming face-to-face with the endangered Tasmanian Devil (below right), the species that lends it name to this paradise island.

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Travelling the Mississippi River from the blues bars of Memphis to the jazz clubs of New Orleans, it’s impossible not to get caught up in the infectious melodies brought to life every evening. This region’s turbulent history has played an extraordinary role in reshaping the world’s musical, cultural and gastronomic landscape. Feed your soul and senses with the heavenly flavours of southern food; dry barbecued ribs, jambalaya and gumbo served with a smile and that ever-priceless Southern hospitality. Escape these great cities to discover the region’s historic past on the Civil Rights Trail, encountering cotton fields, plantation museums and Antebellum mansions.

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From the soulful serenity of the Himalayan peaks, to the constant chaos of Delhi’s streets and undisturbed golden beaches of Goa, India is blessed with a diverse landscape. From Kolkata to Chennai, India’s cities are in constant change, with historic Mumbai near unrecognisable from 20 years ago. For lovers of history, Old India is very much alive in Rajasthan, where you can experience lavish architecture, stunning forts, palaces and temples and, of course, the world’s most famous tribute to love, the Taj Mahal (pictured). Elsewhere in the country, take a cruise down Kerala’s waterways, stay at a Maharaja’s Palace, roam free with tigers in India’s central parks, and soak up the culture, gastronomy and sheer natural beauty which make this country so beguiling.

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Antarctica was the last of the continents to be discovered. It was first sighted in 1820 and took a further 75 years until a Norwegian expedition became the first to set foot on the polar desert. With temperatures reaching -80˚C, this haunting landscape still represents the greatest challenge for mankind. For Audley, it’s also the ultimate holiday destination. Vast icebergs, glaciers and rolling mountains create an otherworldly reality – transport yourself to another world in this surreal reality check to the power of nature. Luxury cruises are the only way to take in this destination, and you can follow in the footsteps of explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton while sipping champagne and whale-watching. With nowhere on earth quite like it, Antarctica is the ultimate in unique adventure.

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