Live guilt-free in a luxury eco-friendly second home

By Cheryl Markosky | 30 Aug 2018 | Travel, Philanthropy

Why high net worths are going for green in the purchase of a luxury second home
* The Secret Ellmau Chalet, Austria 
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* Dominical, Costa Rica
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* Islas Canyonetas, Panama 
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* Wild Turkey Run, USA
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* The Secret Ellmau Chalet, Austria 
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Ultra high-net-worth individuals desire private existences in exclusive places but, increasingly, they’re discovering creative ways to keep their eco-footprints light while still living in astounding abodes. Maizie Baird, property consultant at Alpine Marketing Ltd, says that many of her top-end clients crave a “fairy tale escape to a hunter’s lodge in the trees. They want to be part of the land at a really high level”. A bolthole derived from local materials is a must-have, along with the feeling that it’s “truly authentic”. Possessing a sustainable hideout in the Austrian mountains is nothing new, as Austrians have always been very eco-minded, according to Maizie. “Now, however, it’s become super trendy. Being green goes with Alpine living.”

And yet, the ultimate green accolade might be to own a group of Pacific islands with a grand legacy of scientific and political potential. “Someone interested in being sustainable can be charged with protecting a living museum of eco-system protection, while enjoying tropical luxury,” says Hana Ayala, founder of science and diplomacy brain trust Pangea World. The best of both worlds surely for an eco-warrior aesthete. Read on for our pick of the best eco-friendly properites. >> 

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Dominical, Costa Rica

Energy-efficient water heater, zoned air-conditioning, grid-tiered micro-invertor solar system and insulated concrete form walls for temperature and sound control make this contemporary home – worth £2.2m – stand out. You can also do yoga and meditate on the ridge overlooking the Pacific coastline.

Islas Canyonetas, Panama 

Primed to be a hotbed for conservation and science, Panama offers you the opportunity to become the proud owner of three pristine islands where endangered sea turtles nest on 50 beaches across 1,800 acres of land. Working with Pangea World on a UNESCO-endorsed project, you can build a high-end home or resort, and greatly influence the region’s sustainable knowledge economy. Get yours for £75m.  [Image credit: Herbert Holzer]

Wild Turkey Run, USA

Fully off-the-grid Italian-esque villa, vineyard and guest house that survived the Sonoma wild fires, with 100% of its power from solar panels, two wells – one for the house and one to water the vines – and a garage with a Tesla powering station. This beautiful escape costs £5.8m. 

The Secret Ellmau Chalet, Austria 

This Super-deluxe chalet on top of a Kitzbuhel mountain constructed from timber locally sourced from Zell am See’s forests will set you back a cool £8m. A twisted tree trunk – approved by a Feng Shui master – twines through the middle of the living space, symbolising the flow of water (the tree grew on top of a well). Other eco-goodies: a pellet heating system, bicycle rack and e-car parking equipment.