Editor's Letter: explore London's historic family businesses and more in the Tempus Style Edition

By Rachel Ingram | 01 Apr 2019 | Style

Tempus editor Rachel Ingram delves into the world of enduring tailoring and the rise of British couture

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* Fifth-generation family member Johnathan Lobb takes us inside the workshop of historic shoemakers John Lobb [Photo: © Mark C O'Flaherty]

With the UK’s future hanging in the balance as Tempus goes to press, it’s important to remember the strength of British character and craftsmanship. In London alone, numerous brands, from tailors and hat makers to perfumeries and fashion houses, are standing tall in the face of uncertainty.

As Jonathan Lobb, fifth-generation family member of John Lobb, one of the country’s oldest shoemakers, tells us: “We’ve had to weather numerous recessions and the two World Wars... We will inevitably face challenges in order to protect the company, which we will face as our ancestors did.”

It’s clear from the business leaders we’ve spoken to this issue that retaining the loyalty of customers is more important than ever – find out how some of London’s oldest and most successful brands are retaining their position through authentic craftsmanship and family heritage on page 28.

In this Style Edition, we also delve into the world of couture and speak with the duo behind Britain’s only couture house, Ralph & Russo, on page 22, before uncovering the most exciting names in watch customisation (page 38) and corporate-wear (page 46). >>

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* Tamara Ralph and Michael Russo run the only couture house in Britain, Ralph & Russo

We’ve also given this issue a hearty dose of star power. On page 40, actress Nicole Kidman and model Cindy Crawford discuss their enduring style and the importance of timekeeping in their busy worlds. Read on to page 64, where British actress and activist Joanna Lumley opens up about her mission to promote responsible fashion.

And as style isn’t just about clothing, we head to Courchevel to speak to Rolls-Royce bespoke designer Alex Innes about the British manufacturer’s first-ever luxury SUV and the design detail that went into it (page 68). We also immerse ourselves in beauty, presenting guides to the newest trends and must-have buys in the realms of fragrances (page 52) and grooming (page 58).

Read on to discover all of these insights – and more from the worlds of style, design, travel and culture – in this, our annual Style Edition.

Rachel Ingram

Discover the best of British couture, grooming, travel and more in Tempus Magazine's Style Edition, available now

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* Liu Shishi, Nicole Kidman, Omega CEO Raynald Aeschlimann, Cindy Crawford and Alessandra Ambrosio at the Constellation launch in Shanghai