These 5 sterling jewellery brands are ones to watch out for in 2018

By Rose Adams | 08 Mar 2018 | Style

If you're on the hunt for some new gem inspiration, look no further than our round up of the most exciting new designers on the block
* Vayshalee Naran Atelier
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* Kolo Jewellery source beautiful art inspired rings
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* The De Tournemire watches are beautifully eye-catching
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* Vayshalee Naran Atelier design luxury pieces using locally mined stones
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* Eye catching shape and colours are synonymous with the Leyla Abdollahi brand
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No matter how full your jewellery box may be, no fine jewellery collection is ever really complete - there's always room for new additions. Well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! So with that in mind, we've rounded up our pick of the most exciting luxury designers you need on your radar this year. From intricate diamond wristwear to precious gemstone rings, pour over these luxury pieces and you'll be inspired to snap up some new bling today. >>

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Kolo Jewellery

Four years ago, an admiration for the stars and the history of art inspired brand owner Larissa Kotsuba to start up her own jewellery brand, and KOLO was born. KOLO, meaning circle in Ukrainian, is a young Ukrainian jewellery brand heavily inspired by precious gemstones. The brand’s philosophy is to present each product with complete individuality and uniqueness, and this is acheived thorouh a combination of skilled handwork with timeless inspiration. The magical stones come to life in her unique designs taking the form of everything from beautiful butterflies and magical flowers to Unicorns - resulting in jewellery that’s truly individual. 

De Tournemire 

After three generations and 60 years of experience creating fine jewellery, the Marteay family’s unique know-how make De Tournemire a discreet signature brand among experts. Collectors are now able to give free rein to their desire and wear exceptional jewels in a fabulously inventive timepiece. This watch is decorated with a precious stone and available in a plethora of different shades, from the purest white diamond to the blue sapphire, green emerald or red ruby, and so becomes a jewel in itself. De Tournemire's definining aestethic element combines a tourbillon with a diamond, revealing the subtle, high quality mechanism - a must for mechanical watch fans.

Vayshalee Naran Atelier

Pusuing a degree in Jewellery and Metal-Smithing and a Masters in Luxury design, jewellery has always been the vehicle for Vayshalee Naran’s expression of the fusion of her Indian culture, African heritage and European education. Bringing a new perspective to the brand, all Atelier Vayshalee Naran pieces are hand fabricated using locally mined metals and ethically sourced gemstones from Zimbabwe. Vayshalee says: ‘I think the most interesting aspect of jewellery is the sentimental value the wearer associates with each individual piece. I believe a luxurious product must be one that is extraordinarily created, well designed, and made using exceptional materials of high quality and hold their value eternally. Luxury products are defined by their high quality and differentiation in product design and manufacture.’ These encrusted RHODEIA earrings have already become our new obsession.

Leyla Abdollahi

Bold, beautiful and with a touch of darkness, Leyla Abdollahi’s jewellery successfully demands your attention. The seductive pieces have a unique edge that appeals to confident, sophisticated women who are drawn to strikingly dramatic jewellery with a story to tell. Her newest lines, The Radiant and The Passion are inspired by the beautiful forms, colours and shapes that can be seen through a kaleidoscope, and are so striking they are a must-have addition to your summer wedding wardrobe.

Amr Saad

Currently based in Egypt, metal artist and conceptual art jeweler Amr Saad meticulously designs each eyewear and jewellery piece in his Cairo studio, using a myriad of materials including sterling silver and gold, diamonds, and gemstones. His eyewear collections, which are individually handcrafted by the designer himself, feature a signature, artisan aesthetic of round and square-aviator dominant shapes. He says: "I aim to shape precious metal into forms that converse with both intellect and emotion to a point where the wearer considers them as part of their identity."